A simple but effective student information system.

Abacus was designed to help administrators take action based on timely, accurate information.

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Timely Information

Imagine, a principal can get accurate attendance information less than ten minutes after morning bell has rung.

Student Dashboard

Administrators now only have to look in one place to see everything they need to know about a student.

Lots of Reports

Collecting data means nothing if you can't turn it into information. Information helps administrators make better decisions.

Built for the way we operate.

We are extremely proud of what Abacus has become. It has blossomed into one of the fastest growing Student Information Systems in the country.

During our research phase, all the other products that we came across were designed for the way schools operate in the USA. We simply do things differently here.

Abacus was designed from the ground up to suit the way schools in the Caribbean and surrounding regions operate.

What's in the box?

Below are some of the features that come with every install of Abacus.

School Module

Customize Abacus to suit your school.

  • - Set your school's name and motto.
  • - Add your logo, address and phone number.
  • - Set our passing mark, honor roll mark.
  • - Set what whether you want to use letter or number grades on report cards.
  • - Enable / Disable ranking on reports.

Reports Module

  • - Administrative Reports (includes over 40 reports)
  • - Finance Reports
  • - Counsellor Reports
  • - Homeroom Reports
  • - Report cards (semester and end of year, transcripts)

Student Module

  • - Real-Time Student Dashboard
  • - Student Bio Data, Contact
  • - Parent / Guardian Info
  • - Medical Information / Special Needs
  • - Other Info (Ethnicity, Primary Language, Feeder School, Nationality)

Behavior Module

  • - Merits
  • - Demerits
  • - Detention
  • - JUG
  • - Suspensions

Instructor Module

  • - Instructor Bio Data
  • - Teachers License Information
  • - Leave / Vacation Record
  • - Attendance Record

Grade Book Module

  • - Real time Grade Book linked to student dashboard
  • - HOD and Administrative monitoring of grade books

Events / Bulletin Module

  • - Instructor Bio Data
  • - Teachers License Information
  • - Leave / Vacation Record
  • - Attendance Record

Attendance Module

  • - Presents
  • - Absents
  • - Late
  • - Excused

ID Card Module

PVC Printer Required

  • - Student ID Card generation
  • - Staff ID Card generation